Robot’s power is in you
Companion is a specialist who helps Sunny users to solve everyday problems
Companion inspiration

Companion’s main motivation is to help people, in topics they are competent in and as a bonus make an income from it.

For Companions, Sunny Band can become a side job or even a full-time job. A Companion can help the maximum amount of people from home or any place that is convenient for them.

Sunny Band is an opportunity for professionals to build their own work environment, work as much as you want and do what you love, because someone needs your help and advice right now!

Plumbing and Home appliances expert
Computer Expert
Auto Expert
Electrician and electric appliances expert
Business consultant
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Rating and Reputation
Customer care specialist reviewing and resolving situations with low ratings. We protect our Companions from unfair users rating
Based on users reviews. After the end of the session, User leaves a rating from 1 to 5 stars. When rating is 3 stars and below – the system will suggest to write a comment "what did you not like?"
This is an indicator based on the following criteria:

Companion complete task

Task is evaluated based on the range of required expertise. The amount is counted based on the time spent for the task (some standard operations may have a fixed credit).

Money Withdrawal

Companion may deposit money from Sunny Band’s to a personal bank account.

Help Credit (HC)
1 HelpCredit = 1 completed task

HelpCredit is an internal currency within the Sunny and Sunny Band platforms.
User’s HelpCredit balance is stored on Sunny robot devices. When tasks are completed – credits are transferred to the companion’s account. Credits are equivalent to ordinary money. Help Credits can be transferred between Users accounts. Companions as well can transfer HelpCredits to each other or deposit to own bank account

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