Sunny's possibilities become unlimited along with Sunny Band

Sunny Band are the people who create Sunny’s “real power”. These people are doing simple routine and complex tasks that required so much by Sunny Robot users

Companion is a person with a special expertise or life knowledge
User creates a request

Sunny processes the request and determinates the required Companion’s expertise

Companion gets the request

User provides details that are necessary for the better result

Companion works on the request

If task required some sort of physical actions – Companion will ask User to do it

Task completed

User rates Companion’s work, Companion gets reward.

Our Experts-Companions have a variety of special knowledge and this expertise is used through the Sunny Robot for the client. In some cases, the client may help the Expert-Companion to perform some physical actions such as connect, press, move etc.…

People who are willing to help
How to become a Companion
1. Fill an application form
2. Take training
Theory - five 30 minutes lessons in one day covering the following subjects:
Practice on the simulator - 1 hour per day – 3 days
3. Final exam
4. Get Started
Become a part of the Sunny Band team
Do what you truly love because somebody really needs it!
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